Sea Life Inspired

Hello my beautiful people!

I've been fantasizing about summer and wishing to decorate my spaces with the blue tones of 
a perfect Caribbean afternoon.

We latinos have a saying:

'El Caribe te lo da'

'The Caribbean gives it to you'

And that feeling of incredible peace, that feeling of tranquility is given by having a state of mind and a place where your creativity can be achieved, a places that makes you feel a 100%
a space where you feel comfortable and happy.

For me is the SEA LIFE. 

This summer I want to inspire myself with blue pieces like these elegant curtains
that I'm in love with. I imagine a perfect blue - sea life inspired -where I can let my creativity run and also a space where I can record all my YouTube videos *double win!

I share with you my wishlist for this summer season inspire in our trip
 to the amazing KEY WEST.

1. Blue Roman Shades Courtains

2. A blue pineapple for the win! 

3. Modern Polka Dots Patter Courtains

4. Beach Life Decorative Quotes 

5. Simple Blue and Ivory splicing

6. Heavenly blue Painting

7. Turquoise Cushion

8. More beach life quotes!

Blue off the shoulder Top H&M
Vintage Patched shorts LEVI'S 501
Blue polka sneakers TOMMY HILFIGHER
Blue sunnies H&M

For more inspiration go to: romanshadesale.com

Be happy!
Be inspired!
Enjoy the summer!

And have fun!

♥  Be Extraordinary HAPPY  

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